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Founded in January 1999, Premier Cork Quality is a company that over the years has achieved, through a process based on continuous improvement and focus on the costumer, reach a level of excellence in the cork sector doing quality control.

For its customers, Premier has been the bridge that connects them to their suppliers, facilitating the rapid flow of information between both parties, maintaining good interpersonal relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Through in-depht knowledge of the industry in which it operates, Premier has been an asset to its costumers, responding promptly and accurately to all issues and providing support on all fronts.

Manuel Marques



    Physical Trials
  • Torque (Nxcm)
  • Twisting
  • Granulometry
  • Humidity (%)
  • Lenght (mm)
  • Dimensional Compression Ratio (%)
    Physical Trials
  • Ovality (mm)
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Weight (g)
  • Density (Kg/m3)
  • Boil Resistance
  • Neck profile
  • Seal
  • Capillarity
    Chemical Trials
  • Peroxides Detection and Quantification
  • Solid waste (mg/cork)
  • Silicone and Paraffin Quantification (mg/cork)
  • Oxidants Detection

    Container Control
  • Tightness Checking
  • Organoleptic Deviations verification
    Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  • GC/MS-SPME Chromatography
  • Spectrometry
    Visual Ranking
  • Visual Ranking
  • Visual Analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis


Supplier Audits

We carry out annual technical audits of the suppliers of our Clients, according to a check list previously defined and approved by the Client, with the preparation of an audit report.
Planning and monitoring of the Customer in Audits to its Suppliers.

Supplier Qualification

Constant updating and market analysis of suppliers, based on classification of the parameters defined by the Client and the 23 principles of Dickson.

Market/Industry Status

We provide reports on the cork market in all aspects, from innovations, quantities of cork extracted, price evolution and other parameters of interest.

Specification Notebooks

Drafting of specifications with all parameters to be met by all parties involved.

Project Partnerships

We develop partnerships in the area of research and development with companies or entities of the cork sector.

Third Party Laboratory

We act as mediators in situations where there is disagreement between wine producers and their suppliers of corks.

Cork-Bottle Binomial Studies

We studied the size of the cork against the bottleneck of the bottle, an essential factor for good sealing, preserving the characteristics of the beverage.

Supplier / Customer Complaint Review

Support Laboratory Analysis
Complaint Analysis
Complete Complaint Management



More than 300 Clients
Markets we work with:




Michael Stanfield

Premier has worked with G3 for many years and continues to excel in both technical knowledge and customer service. Reporting is timely and accurate, while fairly representing the needs of G3 Enterprises in the supply of cork. I appreciate Premier´s general industry information and keeping me informed of industry trends.

Herman Henkel

Premier combines a completely professional quality control service with a deep knowledge of the market and helps us to meet the demands of our customers.


I would recommend Premier not only for its competence, but also for the assertiveness and reliability of the results, mastery and perception of the characteristics of the products.

Américo Magalhães

Availability, efficiency and professional competence are the strengths.

Alessandro Candioli

Premier's strengths are without doubt the quality and good service

Dra. Carla Lamas

I recommend Premier for the availability, reliability and quality of service they provide

Nilda Teixeira

The Premier stands out for the quality of service, efficiency and speed of response


Premier Cork Quality Assurance Lda. is a company founded in 1999 to give answer to a request made by G3, a well know American importer and brand. Premier does quality control services in wine corks, performing sensory and chromatography testing focusing primarily on TCA (2,4,6-Trichloronisol) as well as in raw material corkwood.
Manuel Marques is of the opinion that all cork companies should be members of APCOR. "I recognize the important role of APCOR in representing the cork sector nationally and internationally as well as help in other areas such fiscal or labor issues" he states. And continues: "mainly at the international level the role of APCOR in communication and marketing, informing our customers of the characteristics and advantages of cork has been of fundamental importance"